Smart Ticketing & Customer Support


Anonymity Option
Image Upload Facility
Multi-Channel Support


Email & SMS
App Notification
Auto Select Team


SLA Timer
Conflict Avoidance


Proof Of Action
Action taken Alert
Customer Confirmation


Issue Analysis
Region Sensitivity
Executive Performance

Service Commitments (SLA)

Fulfill the commitments in your Service-Level Agreements (SLA) with customers using ActPlease to ensure customer satisfaction. Simplify your operations for Product Support and Customer Care.

- Configuration of Issue-wise Workflow
- Two-level escalation to avoid delay
- Customer-side confirmation
- Notes & records during ticket processing

Grievance Redressal

Streamline and Standardize the way your organization redresses grievances. Meet with Industry Standards and Government Stipulations for grievance redressal through ActPlease.

- Transparency about Responsible Authority
- Instant Alert to ensure Immediate Action
- Auto-Forwarding to the right Department
- Escalation to Higher Authorities upon Delay

Mobile Power for your Customer

Empower your customer with your own customized application to connect to you or Access your Services.


- Action Requests
- Suggestions & Queries
- Member Data
- Notification


- Announcements
- Event Calender
- Customized Pages
- FAQs

Already have an app? Integrate ActPlease to boost your effectiveness.

Teamwork Simplified
Auto-Forward to right Executive(s) using Region, Department, Issue
Inbox view with filters of Type, Priority, Deadline, etc.
Note-keeping for future records; Image upload for Proof
Mobile App (ActPlease Executive) for Instant Notification & Action
Simplified Supervision for Management
Asset Maintenance
Receive & route Repair Requests to the relevant Maintenance Executives.
Implement Preventive Maintenance; monitor Punctuality of actions.
Alert third party agencies for servicing or repairs; Track Cost & Commitment.
Identify repeat problems; maintain knowhow of suggested solutions.

Sales Orders & Billing

Process sales orders as action items with set Priority & Timely Delivery.

Keep the customer updated as work flows from Order to Production or Stores to Dispatch.

Generate Invoices and monitor customer accounts for Receivables and Overdues.

View Reports of Sales, Receivables, Customer Comparison, Product Analysis, etc.

Stocks & Production
Track Multi-Store Inventory; manage Indents and Purchase Orders.
Ensure availability of Products & Raw Materials for Sales & Production.
Identify and minimize Non-Moving raw materials in Inventory.
Manage Production Jobs as action items with customized Process Flow.
View Reports of Stock Transactions, Process output, Rejection causes, etc.
Single (ERP) System for Work Management

Cover action items from all your operations: sales, services, maintenance, production, stores.

Implement ERP as well as CRM facilities with ease, with no need for separate software.

Maintain a single prioritized view of tasks from your multiple roles and organizations.

Easy Integration with your Operations
Customize for specific customer interactions applicable for you.
Set up your own departments, task types, commitments/SLAs, and roles.
Use our simple APIs, JSON, XML connectivity to access from your existing IT systems.
Set up ActPlease as a full system or embed it seamlessly in your applications.